Intuition: Activating the Language of the Soul

Intuition: Activating the Language of the Soul

Working with intuition is one of my most favorite things to do with people. Over the years I have been trained extensively in awakening my own intuition and assisting others to do the same. Developing your intuition is, I think, one of the most fundamental skills in living a conscious life.

I hope you enjoy what you receive here.

What is intuition?

  • Intuition is an active, moment by moment conversation with the spiritual force that unites all life.
  • Intuition (Tuition from within) is the capacity to listen beyond the limitations of your thoughts, feelings and sensations to the limitless wisdom of the creative force herself.
  • Intuition is more than being psychic or having premonitions about the future. Intuition is being able to listen and respond to life from the wordless language of the soul.
  • Intuition is the living connection between you, limitless wisdom, and all life.

Awakening Our Intuition

Awakening our intuition is a wonderful and challenging path. It requires us to put aside our conditioned responses to life and open to living from the unknowable mystery that is the divine spirit.
In truth we do no work on our intuition, for it is always there. We work on dissolving whatever illusions have displaced our natural connection to the intelligence of the entire universe. As we dissolve these inherited patterns and illusions we gently open living communion with the vibrating force of all of life.

To awaken our intuition we must be willing to surrender the perceptions we have developed over our life. These conditioned perceptions create a filter on our intuition that reduce our access to the whole spectrum of universal wisdom.

This universal wisdom is a vast internet-like web of energy that surrounds and permeates all life. In this web lives the wisdom of our ancestors and the wisdom of all beings who have ever lived. As we access and live from this wisdom our lives take on a bigger dimension, informed by more than our own wants and needs. We become part of the evolution of humanity, a vibrating part of a return home to our inherent nature of love and freedom.

Awakening Intuition e-Course

Throughout my time with people I have seen the truth that the only suffering is the belief in separation from the divine source from where we all come. This separation manifests in all areas of our life including our relationships, our health and our purpose. I have seen so many people who do not have a direct conversation with their own higher wisdom suffer for that lack. This course is an offering to them, and to all of us, who want to live in direct, open conversation with our highest wisdom, and have the courage to live from that place in our everyday lives.

In this 30 day Course you will be intensively trained to dissolve the walls between you and your own universal intelligence. You will be shown the steps to become an active participant in your highest purpose of your life.


There are ten modules of the course, they are:

Stage One

Making room for the universe (Days 1-9)

  1. What intuition is not, clearing the path
  2. What intuition is, opening the door
  3. Real Listening

Stage Two

Receiving the Universe (Days 10-18)

  1. Moving with the flow
  2. The gift of the right Question
  3. Opening the Universal Records

Stage Three

Creating the Universe (Days 19-27)

  1. Giving your life to the calling
  2. Intuition in Action
  3. Intuition in Relationship

Stage Four

Integration (Days 28-30)

  1. Always Listening

The Course Contains:

  • Intuition Guidebook
    • Intensive and illuminating education taking you thorough each module in depth.
  • Intuition Journal
    • Your 30 day workbook (playbook) that guides you through the Intuition Activation practices and exercises.
  • Re-patterning Meditations/Vizualizations
    • Throughout the course you will be powerfully supported in activating your intuition with over a dozen meditations and guided visualizations ready to go straight on your ipod or cd.
  • An Intuition Diagnosis Session
    • In an individual session with me you will explore your unique intuition blocks and how to move beyond them to direct communication with your universal wisdom.  

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Please email me your interest and any questions you have about intuition. I will respond quickly to you and it will add to the creation of this course.

In union with life and wild joy
Arion Light

-- Any Questions? Ask Arion here or in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Arion!

    Love your website! Just started exploring your work, looks great! I really appreciate your insight into the purpose of creative visioning as important for bringing in a shift in the present. That is fantastic! And as a truth it really resonates with me.

    I’m curious about your Intuition eCourse. Can you please tell me – can they be taken at any time throughout the year, or do you have specific dates? Also, Im interested in knowing the cost of the course.

    Thanks so much!

    from Rivka

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