Sex and Soul

Sex and Soul

Reclaiming your Sexual Sovereignty

Something exquisite is birthing itself. Something new, something wild and tender. We have been meeting for the last few months, dreaming and we are now ready to birth our new sacred sexuality work into the community. We feel like everything we have done till now has been preparing us for this work that we have come to call Sex and Soul.

Sex and Soul is a series of initiations for men and women, to reclaim the sacred life force of our sexuality, for our own pleasure, creativity and evolution. A sacred temple to unite the wild human flesh with the boundless divine soul.

Where: Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne,  Level 1, 110 Argyle Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

When: 4 Friday evenings, 23rd Oct – 13th November 7pm – 10pm



The Four Week Sex and Soul Series

The core intention of these initiatory ceremonies is to reclaim your sexual sovereignty.

Four Sex & Soul Ceremonies

Week One: SEX: Embodying The Feminine pulse.

Week Two: POWER: Embodying The Masculine Charge

Week Three: SHADOW: Healing the Wounds of Love

Week Four: SOUL: Activating the Soul in our Body.

Sexual Sovereignty is so much more than sex. Sexual sovereignty is the natural capacity we all have, both men and woman, to come alive to our divinity in our flesh. It is reclaiming our vibrant sexual nature from past pain, stories, guilt and shame and establishing a direct and intimate relationship with our soul through our own precious flesh and bones.

It is our birthright to live as ecstatically embodied energy beings. To be alive to the pulse of miraculous life in this very human body. Too much of our modern spirituality offers a path that has us leave our bodies and humanity to find bliss and freedom beyond. We are passionate about finding our divinity right here, in our broken, wild flesh and hearts. To come alive to our beauty, not as some perfect radiant being, but as a luminous, vulnerable human.

We are offering a closed group the opportunity to go deep into the sex and soul journey. The 4 week series of initiations will be each Friday night, starting October the 23rd and finishing on Friday, November 13th.

We will be taking people through a series of initiations that support our bodies to awaken to the natural and fuller flow of sexual life-force.

This is not just about sex, but about the fundamental relationship we have with our bodies, our power and each other.

This exploration is an invitation to make peace with the masculine and feminine, within our selves with each other and with the Divine Feminine and Masculine. We will create a space to explore the deeper wounds of love that affect how we relate, both in our relationships and how we relate to the Divine. Through this we will be invited to open to a greater capacity to give and receive love.

We will be utilizing two spaces for the men to work just with men and the women to work just with the women. Then we will also be bringing us back together in devotion to assist men to support women to heal and reclaim their sexual sovereignty and women to also offer that in return. This will be deeply intimate and powerful work.

There is also no pressure and a fully safe space to participate at whatever level you feel safe and comfortable. Each week we will be focusing on different initiations that supports each person individually to reclaim their own sexual and vital life force.

For Men and Women, transgender and all sexual orientations welcome.

Please check out prices and book here:

Men’s and women’s circles provide us with an extraordinary platform for many to connect and explore their sexuality if a safe way. Yet we are called to offer something in a combined space that unites men and woman. We have two rooms and we will be working with men and woman to both journey together and separately. A place for men to initiate men, women to initiate women as well as men to initiate women and women to initiate men. This dynamic container allows for us to activate and reclaim our sexual sovereignty on many levels and with great support.


About Arion:

Arion head shot
Arion Light is founder of the Activation School, author of The Pulse, Creation, Projects with Heart and creator of the Creative Mastery Program.

“I deeply believe in the beauty of men, and women, and the power of us coming together beyond our conditioned patterns and the mind. I founded the Activation School and the Creative Mastery program to support this passion for men and women to come alive to their true nature. I have facilitated hundreds of groups for both men and mixed groups for over a decade. In a world where too often men and women have forgotten how to love and see each other I am so glad that I get to co-host this special event”.


Leyolah Antara - Embodying ShaktiAbout Leyolah:

Leyolah Antara is passionate about helping women and men awaken their sensual creative energy for personal awakening & reconnection with their own unique expression of their soul. She is an evolutionary guide and coach, wild woman, author, mother, lover, poet, intuitive healer, producer, performance artist and the founder of Kundalini Dance™, an ecstatic embodiment practice. Her work has taken her all over the world to teach retreats and workshops and she has trained over 77 facilitators, in Australia, North America and Europe.

She has also produced two interactive Chakra Journey CD’s, teaching manuals and is the author of the book “Kundalini Dance, Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys”, available on Amazon.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose. She is compassionate and caring and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 22 years of holding space for deep transformation.

-- Any Questions? Ask Arion here or in the comments below.

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