Living As Essence – A Pilot Program

Unleash your Essence

Go beyond resolving the tensions of your thoughts and feelings to accessing the deeper power of your unique Essence.


>> Awaken your bodies natural aliveness, love & ecstasy.

>> Transmute pain & resistance into raw fuel for living

>> Surrender force & procrastination to create from grace



1010804_4889809403401_1367656969_n“This Activation work connected up so many dots for me, Its the silk thread that wove together the treasures and jewels I have already inside of me so they could activate and come to life”. Barbara




Deeper than our thoughts and feelings is our true nature.

We can call it spirit, soul, heart, god, passion or Essence.

This Essence is not just a spiritual state to be found in a cave.

It is a wild force that can come alive through you and your life.

It can reveal the ecstasy in your human body

It can transform your suffering into wisdom and power

And it can become the creative force that shapes your life.

This ‘living from your Essence’ (rather than your mind and identity) is a calling

And if you are called to live from this radiant mystery

Then this Activation Work may just be for you

 Six weeks to revolutionise how you come alive, heal & create. 


It is grounded training to allow the mind to die

And ignite the wild fire of your Essence within you

It is a set of embodied practices to allow this Essence

To revolutionise how you come alive, heal and create.

Like music moves through a virtuoso

And the breath rolls in and out

We can become the art shaped by the mystery herself.


 Yollana Testimonial“With this work I feel like a dam wall was broken, and the river of my own creative source energy is flowing so much more fully and freely in my life. I’ve literally had a creative outpouring of poetry and music, my income increased, and I’ve experienced the kind of miracles that make my jaw drop at the awesomeness of Life”.  Yollana


Course Details

An intensive six-week training in the how to of Essence fuelled living.

When: 6x consecutive Monday nights, 13th Nov – 18th Dec, 7pm-10pm

Where: Elk Wellbeing, 282A Queens Parade North Fitzroy (Clifton Hill Shopping strip)

Cost: By open contribution (this round only!)

This means that you pay what your heart feels called to give for this course. To register your place, simply pay an initial contribution and there will be further opportunities throughout the course to pay more if you feel called.

Read more about Open Contribution here.





Fiona testimonial“This was one of the most profound amazing real accessible and transformative courses I have ever done. I cannot recommend this course highly enough”. Fiona



The Three Core Modules are:

#1 Activation- We are built for ecstasy.

Powerful embodiment practices to awaken your body to be a vessel for aliveness, ecstasy and creative power.

#2 Transmutation- Our pain is our power.

A clear practice to see and transmute your challenges, resistances and pain into raw fuel for living an empowered life.

#3 Creation- Our Essence is our true creative power

Training to drop mental force creating and instead tap into the power of creating from an awakened body and your inner essence.


Nawala“The practice of Activation has deeply transformed my life. It’s given me the power and consciousness to deeply break out of inherited patterns and inflicted conditioning. I’ve been able to meet core parts of myself as pure energetic patterns instead of the labels we inherit, reducing our experiences of it and shutting off to its wisdom.

It’s given me the ability to operate in this weird western material realm without losing my soul. In fact, the form that manifests is no longer relevant. I know the essence of whatever comes up is what is true and what guided me to a richer more natural way of life. I have unlocked all of this through my breath and connecting with my body, that’s it, it’s that simple. Come and check it out”. – Nawala


Karen testimonial“I have received the purity and honour of my soul and am forever grateful for what I have found and what I will endeavor to discover. This work has shown me the power of Me, for Me”. Karen. 




The Course Includes:

intensive group training

* Six Intensive Training Sessions- The focus of these sessions is rigorous application (rather than theory) so you can awaken the skills in your body, which makes it much easier to practice and master them in your life.

* The Activation Workbook (in digital format)- A thorough week by week workbook to apply and practice activation, transmutation and creation.

* The Activation Audio Meditations- You receive the 5 core meditations as well as many hours of extra meditations.

* The Activation Online Library- In the online resource centre you have extra audios, videos and templates to support your ongoing activation practice.

* Online Support- Throughout the course, you will have an online group to support you and also offer extra training and a chance to answer your questions online.



10847776_844041305659063_2363897131770284063_n“This work has radically shifted both my inner life and my outer life. It has helped me find a peaceful power that has rocked my world”. Robbie





Facilitated By Arion LightArion head shot

I have been running this Activation work (Previously Creative Mastery) for over a decade for thousands of people and I love it for many reasons.

The New Creative Mastery Program. After over a decade of running 30+ Creative Mastery programs for many hundreds of people, I am delighted to let you know that I have finished running it forever. Born from the same core material is this six-week activation program.

I love it because it works, I hear from people every week about the profound difference this course has made in their lives, not just people who did the course in the last year, but people who did it many years ago still are creating themselves and their lives from what that learned here.

I love it because it doesn’t feed the mind and our need to get more ‘stuff’ to be happy. It works by connecting and activating our unique essence and then allowing that to flow through us to create our lives.

I love it because we don’t just learn from whiteboards and theory, we learn through the direct experience of bringing our own bodies alive and waking up the wild essence in our body, emotions and mind.


image“Attending the Activation Course has been such an inspirational and life changing joy. By being introduced to the books that form this course, I feel like I now have the ability to take control back of my life and stop living on Auto-pilot. It has been truly liberating. Much Love to you Arion – Thank-you for doing what you do”. Martin



More Questions? You can email us here

Or want to read more?

Here are the three modules expanded:

ActivationOur body is built for ecstasy 

There is a calling within us to come alive. A calling to awaken to the radiant mystery of life beyond the mind. As this occurs there is a vibrant awakening through our whole being, a fundamental shift in our perceptions of who we are and what the purpose of life. We can see and allow a deeper essence to live and create through us.

TransmutationOur pain is our power

We do not need to get rid of our “issues and problems” to live a free and creative life. We can learn a whole different way to embrace them as treasure chests to be received and activated. Often our repressed emotions, beliefs, resistances and histories are something we hide and feel ashamed about. Yet with conscious practice, we can see that this “stuff” actually opens us to deeper parts of ourselves and each other. Then we can welcome the very things we have been running from, knowing they are vital compost that ignites growth, authenticity and love.

Creation– Our Essence is the true creator

True creation is not personal, it is an inner surrender that allows life to move through us and create wild art beyond our imagining. Despite its opinion, the mind and personality are not the best creators.  A deeper purpose of our life is not to do more things or accumulate more stuff, concepts and success. Instead, it can be a wild invitation to become a luminous vessel for the radiant life to live through us. We can create powerful results in the world while also living the wild mystery life is offering us each moment.

Questions? Email us at and we’ll get back to you soon as we can!


Or, Want to hear more of what others’ have said?


“Over the past 20 years or so I have been able to experience a state of incredible euphoria during certain dreams of a recurring style and nature. The feeling is all-powerful, exciting and indescribable because no human experience has been able to replicate it for me. What happened during Arion’s meditational process of bringing my life-vision alive was that this incredible euphoria from my dream-state flowed through and overwhelmed me so much so that I could not fully contain it in my body. I understood then that my life was about embodying this feeling, bringing it to life and to fruition and then sharing whatever unfolded in its wake. It has since led me to deep, intrinsic action on sharing the love within me. I believe Arion’s work supported me in understanding the essence of my life’s vision and mission at the deepest core level. Bravo!” –  Lisa


“Reflecting on it now, what I love about this work that it is so powerful in its simplicity and empowering in its accessibility. There is a lot of hype about manifestation programs and it’s sometimes enough to make me feel like I want to run in the other direction. The Activation program has supported me to directly engage with the outer world without compromising my inner life. In fact, every time I use this process my connection with the sacred deepens. So that is the magic of creative mastery to me – it’s a way to deepen in personal awakening while engaging with the world. And this process has been key to me understanding and living this purpose. Thank you”. Yollana


“This work is practical and targeted at the CORE truth of who we are.  Many other courses I have done have worked on my identity and personality so that I can improve them, this work addresses and talks to my true being, my fundamental nature and activates it at a deeper level so that the shifts are more real, and long-lasting”.  Eve  


“There is no greater gift of love I can give myself than to be true to that which I am. To be connected to that and listen to that. From this place, the wisdom within me speaks and I take action to serve my love to that which I am called. It is a profoundly beautiful expansive experience. One that I have deep gratitude for”. – David


“From the Activation Course I created a deeply satisfying and creative relationship (literally set my intention in Week 3 and it germinated in Week 4 and is now in full bloom);  as well as a new understanding, in an embodied way, of my ocean of potential, a new flow with finances – enough to keep me living and following my passions!” –  Amy


“I have recreated my life and am in love with that. I have new relationship with a woman I love. I have deepened my connection with a community of loving people and vastly expanded my circle of friends within that community and into new areas of my life. I am participating in more activities that bring me joy and happiness effortlessly. I created a vision for my life. And realizing this vision using the practices contained within this course. I have accept responsibility to fulfill all if my needs and am empowered to meet them whole heartedly. Peace” Asher


“My life used to be about my problems (or perceived problems) and how fix them or myself in order to be happy. Creative Mastery has unveiled the truth, the ‘problem illusion’ is no more!  My life is now about how to live the fullest version of myself and my potential that I possibly can and how to be true to myself and what I am creating.  My whole outlook on life has changed – I am standing in a different and much more beautiful place x” –  Eve


“Learning these simple yet wildly effective tools has enabled massive connection to my Self and to source. My singing has changed. I have noticed when I sing, not only does the song just naturally flow out, the sound comes from the depths of my creative soul – without trying to make it so…. it just happens. This seemingly simple yet massively effective techniques truly work”. – Lainie


“I found Activation to be an open doorway to myself. It offered strong insight and practical, available tools to help me meet resistance, and nurture creative vision on any level – even the extraordinary. For me, it lead to places that were wholly unexpected, deeply revealing and beyond what I could have envisaged when I enrolled. It helped me shift some truly old, stuck blocks by actually recognizing them instead of just archiving them. It freed me to see where I was holding myself back and gave me the tools to proceed with gusto!

By applying whole focus, I feel Activation has the potential to reach into the great mystery and pluck you out like a newborn self. If you are inclined to take this path I would encourage you to do so, and bring an open heart and the spirit of possibility. If you can embrace the core of this insightful work-journey, I suspect anything is possible”. – Annon


“I completed the first six-week course knowing that I had learnt so much. But the second time around I am amazed at the depth of exploration into who I am. I feel so grounded and a growth that is developing a new man within. Much gratitude for this beautiful journey and to my wonderful fellow travellers” – Ed Pertl.


“I came with my mind, I left free of It! Validated, accepted, seen and celebrated beyond constructs, systems. We are all just Beings.  Having a space to be reminded of our Essence, our collective source, It’s so simple, yet so powerful”. – Samaria


“The power of intention and surrender continues to blow me away. I found deeper places to surrender into in Arion’s 6-week Activation course that left me in awe. I found a wildness in my body that matched the love in my heart, finally. I love life and the continued unbridled joy within it!” – Gabriella


“For the first time in my life I feel a sense of peace. A wholeness no matter what is going on in my external world. The Activation work has shown me how to create the life I want from the inside out. From a place of whole body creating rather than from my mind” – Claire 


“This is the best course I have ever done, without any doubt”.  – Phillip

-- Any Questions? Ask Arion.

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